Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I Return

Bah! I had some stupid problems logging on to my blog, but now that it's been solved, I am back.
Where should I start...Trunks and Bra were driving me and Bulma crazy with their constant bickering.So I kicked them out of the house. >=)

As far as my job goes, I have transferred to a new store. That freak, John "The Green Lantern" Stewart was getting on my nerves. Things were going good for a while, then all these freaks started to appear out of no where.
They claim they are from the "Lantern Corps." They keep advising me to "Turn myself in for my past crimes."
These green pansies are close to annoying, at best, but they easily shy away from any battle.

Now on to what I'm sure you all have been waiting for: Kakarot and I's rematch.
Since that vile symbiote infested my body and mind, I seem to have increased in power. Immensely.

The rematch with Kakarot took place in the desert of Nevada. The day was hot and there was no breeze to cool us down; a perfect atmosphere for a battle.

"Are you ready Kakarot? Are you ready to meet you defeat at long last?"

"Why did you have to pick this place Vegeta? It's too hot!"

"Clown! Prepare yourself!!"

With that, I charged at Kakarot at full power. I reeled back my fist and unloaded a punch straight to his face!
disappointingly, one punch was all it took. Kakarot was sent flying several feet. He lay there motionless.

"Come on Kakarot! This is no time to be playing around! Fight me with all you power! Fight like a true Saiyan!"

I waited several seconds before realizing this was no game Kakarot was playing. I had knocked him out cold with one punch.

I stood there in awe of what I had done. It was like a dream.

Just then, Goten and Chi Chi came flying in.

"Hey Vegeta, I hope were not too late to catch..." Goten's words were cut short at the sight of his father laying motion less on the desert floor.

"Oh my god, Vegeta! You killed him!! You killed my husband!!!" Chi Chi yelled.

"Relax Chi Chi, I merely managed to knock out the fool."
"WOW Vegeta! It must have been some fight."
"I knocked him out with one punch, boy."
"...WHAT!? No way! Dad was at least twice as strong as you!"
"Yes, he was boy."

Kakarot then woke up.

"Wha, where...Vegeta? What happened?" Asked Kakarot as Chi Chi helped him up.

"It's over Kakarot. At long last, I have claimed my rightful place as the Prince of all Saiyans! Years of being second best, years of hating you for being the strongest, have all been ended with a single blow. I AM THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS ONCE AGAIN!!"
I guess that's enough of an update for now. The Kryptonian has been missing for months now. It's a shame, I was going to give him a rematch too.
I also hear that the other universe Vegeta want's to attempt to meet face to face. Bulma's portal machine is up and running, now all I need is time off work and the correct coordinates to the other Vegeta's world. Time will tell.

Oh yes, one more thing:
All I have to say is, King Ki help you if Chi Chi finds out...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Rats and such.

Well things have been hectic at work. That paranoid idiot John Stewart, had me transferred to some other store because he "didn't trust me after the whole Venogeta incident." Plus, he still thinks I'm some planet destroying mad man. Moron!

Now on to the details of the rat problem I had.

I had enough of those yellow rodents, so Kakarot and I went to the lab to get rid of them once and for all.
"Alright Kakarot, let's get this over with. You take the east wing and I'll take the west. "

"Ok, but can we stop somewhere after we're done and get something to eat? My stomach is growling!"

"BAH! Just make sure you get every last one of those things out of here!"

As I walked through the hallway of the lab, I could hear a constant tapping. Most likely from the rat's paws as they scurried along the lab's floor. Then, I entered one of the rooms and came face to face with one of them.

"Ok, come here you little..."
As I reached out to pick it up, sparks started to surround it. Then it started to wave it's hand at me and scream,
"Pika Pika, Pi-Pika Pikachu! Pika Pikachu! Pika Pi-Pikachu!!"

"Well... that was...interesting, but seeing as how I don't understand freak rodent talk, the time has come for you and the rest of your kind to get the hell out of here!!"

I reach out to grab the rat again. This time, the freak rat sent a bolt of lightning from it's body which struck me on my chest.
"WHY YOU LITTLE PIECE OF..." I grabbed the rat by the throat, opened the nearest window, and chucked the little bastard out. As it went flying out the window, I heard it scream, "Piiiiiiiiiiikkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Hilarious!

Kakarot and I got rid of the last Pika-rat by sundown. We blasted, tossed, and chased every single one of them out of the lab. Then Kakarot began with his nagging, "Hey Vegeta, so where are we going to get something to eat? You said we could right!? Remember? You remember, right?"

"AHHHH! SHUT THE HELL UP KAKAROT!! DAMN!!! Go home and have your wife cook you something to eat!"

"But...you said...and I'm starving!"

So we went to the closest hamburger place and had something to eat. While we were there, I talked to Kakarot about another sparing match.

"I feel stronger than ever before, Kakarot. I want another sparing match, but this time we can't hold anything back. First to fall unconscious, loses."

"Sure Vegeta, just don't be disappointed if you lose again."

"Don't worry Kakarot, I won't."

I wonder what happened to that first rat I tossed out of the window...I'm sure it's fine...Hahahaha!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Quick update

Just a quick update:

We got rid of those stupid rodents (more details to come).

I have been transfered to three diffrent stores in the past month at work. VERY busy!

Kakarot is still an idiot.

Sparing match with Kakarot coming soon...

I've met some new freaks, Mutants, Metahumans, whatever they're called.

Universal Gate was almost up and ready for another run, until some bat freak broke in and disabled it (more detail to come).

Kakarot and I sense somthing...wrong...

That's all. I'll post details later.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


So I've been training these past few days at the new lab's gym and I've been seeing those little yellow rat things speeding by the lab floor. Here's a shot from the security camera at the gym:
The other day, I think I heard one of them make a nose. "Pika-pika," or something. BAH! This is ridiculous!! Bulma and Bra won't call an exterminator to get rid of them! So, It's up to me and Kakarot to catch these things and get rid of them!

In other news, it seems my co-worker, Jess, got some extra tickets to see the band Korn in March. He asked if me and Bulma wanted to go, but knowing Bulma's taste in music, I said maybe.

I've also noticed something strange while training. It seems the normal amount of weights that I've been lifting on my training routine, have become extremely easy to lift! Even in the new lab's Gravity Chamber, I'm hardly breaking a sweat!! Could it be that my strength has grown so rapidly?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pest Control

I have been out for a while. It seems that removing the symbiote from my body left me with some temporary side effects. For about a week after the removal of that damn parasite, my whole body was left extremely sore and I was stricken with a blasted fever of 115!! It was a living hell!! I was bed ridden most of the time. Bulma and Kakarot offered my Sensue beans, but I refused. I wanted to conquer this illness on my own, and I did. I have made a full recovery and feel at the top of my game!
The sleeper has awaken! I am the Prince of all Saiyans once again!!

Now on to some other news. Dr. Brief's and Bulma's lab has been finished. It's a state of the art facility with room after room of brand new equipment. This, Bruce Wayne guy, was very generous...I wonder why.

Anyway, I was looking through some of the security monitors while I was exploring the lab the yesterday, when this image caught my attention.

BAH! What the hell!! It's a new building and already it has damn rodents infesting it!?
Can't see what I'm talking about?
There, that little rat like thing. Bulma and Bra both seem to think it's, "cute".

"Cute!? It's a wild animal running around pooping everywhere and probably chewing stuff up!" I said.

"Oh, Dad. You're so mean! It's probably friendly." Bra said.

"Whatever! All I know is if I run into that thing, I'm catching it and throwing back into the wild where it belongs!"

Well, I'm off to do some training at the new lab's gym center.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

At Long Last

Well, it's finally over. Thankfully, everything came out ok.

After my dad and the rest of the scientists exited the lab, they informed me that to build a ultrasonic weapon would take weeks, maybe even months! They would have to borrow a prototype from the closest source; Wayne laboratories, about five miles from the battle site.

"Well, what are you guys waiting for!? Make the call and have them deliver it to the site!" I exclaimed.

"Relax Bulma, I myself placed the call and spoke directly with the CEO of the company. A Mr. Bruce Wayne, I believe, and after I explained our situation, he said he would make sure the ultrasonic cannon was delivered A.S.A.P! All we can do now is wait and hope for the best." My dad replied.

Meanwhile on the news, they were showing the arrival of Vegeta's boss (The Green Lantern, they called him.)

The Green Lantern came flew in and created a green bubble around Venogeta.

"Hold it right there you monster! I'm taking you in! I knew you were no good Vegeta!" Green Lantern said.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! You think you can hold us with your light show!? Think again...TIME TO DIE BOSS!!!"

Venogeta broke through the bubble and charged towards Green Lantern, capturing him in a bear hug. Venogeta then began squeezing and crushing the life out of the Green Lantern.

"Let him go!!" Exclaimed Superman as he struck Venogeta with a punch to him face, knocking him back and causing him to release the Green Lantern.

"Lucky shot Kryptonian scum! Now let us show you death's door!!!" yelled Venogeta as he rushed at Superman with blinding speed.

Venogeta's tentacles stretched out and ensared Superman. Venogeta then retracted his tentacles, bring Superman closer to him, and began to unleash a series of punches to Superman's face. Superman was then tossed to the ground and then stomped on by Venogeta as he landed.

"That's enough, Vegeta!! Time to end this, one way or another!" said Goku who had changed into his Super Saiyan 4 form.

"AH! It's about time Kakarot. Finally, your Super Saiyan 4 form! We were beginning to think you were going soft you common peasant! Now bring it you clown!!!"

Goku and Venogeta both charged at each other and met up in a violent clash of fists and kicks. I was beginning to think Goku actually could do it, that he could actually restrain or knock out Vegeta so that we could remove the symbiote when the Ultrasonic cannon arrived. Then, Venogeta got the upper hand. He wrapped his tentacles around Goku's arms, legs, and throat; imobilizing and choking Goku.

"At long last, we have you Kakarot. Where is your strength now!? Where is all that power that you posses?! WE are the strongest now!! WE not you, you pathetic has-been! Now, we shall end your life, something we should have done long ago."

At that point, I decided that I had to get down there and try to talk some sense into Vegeta and at least stall until that Ultrasonic cannon arrived. So I hopped into Bra's car and took off for the battle site.

When I arrived there, I was surprised to see Trunks there and shocked to see a bloody and beaten Goku lying motionless on the ground.

"Father! Stop this!! How can you let a parasitic lower life form take you over!? Regain control of yourself! We are proud Saiyans, remember!? We need help from no one, much less a parasite! Fight it!" I heard Trunks yell at Vegeta."HA! This is comedy! YOU lecturing US on how to be a Saiyan!?"

"It would seem so Father, since you have forgotten our heritage! SAIYAN BLOOD RUNS THROUGH OUR VIENS!!"

"I..no...I have not forgotten...I..NO!! LEAVE US ALONE YOU CHILD!! YOU KNOW NOTHING OF OUR POWER!!!"

My heart sank. I was almost sure Vegeta was coming to back to us for a brief moment. Just then, there was a loud rumbling noise I looked around and saw Superman rising from the ruble. He looked angry...Superman shot his heat beams right at Venogeta's face, burning off a piece of the symbiote and blinding Vegeta for a second. Superman the picked up a wall that had fallen down from one of the buildings and hurled it towards Venogeta.

Venogeta just floated there, in mid-air, as the wall headed straight for him. When it was about to strike him, Venogeta caught the wall with then tentacles that he stretched out from his hand, and broke it into hundreds of pieces. He then disappeared and reappeared in front of Superman.

"You fool! Did you think we would allow ourselves to be hurt by such a weak attack!?"

"I wasn't counting on you being hurt by it, just distracted." Superman said as he pointed behind Venogeta.

There was a weird looking air craft hovering directly behind Venogeta. It was sleek and so quiet too! No wonder Venogeta couldn't sense it.The plane then opened a compartment from the it's nose and an Ultrasonic cannon was revealed inside! The cannon quickly powered up and fired right at Venogeta, who fell to his knees screaming in pain. The symbiote was slowly melting away from Vegeta's body.

The Plane stayed on Vegeta, until the symbiote was completely off of him. Vegeta then collapsed on the ground. I rushed to his side, "Vegeta! Are you ok!?"

"B..Bul..ma." he managed to get out before he passed out.

The strange plane landed and some guy in a bat costume stepped out. Superman must have known him, because he went right up to him and said, "Thanks I owe you one!"
"You owe me a lot." the guy in the bat costume replied as he walked passed Superman.

The bat guy walked up to me and Vegeta and said, "Dr. Briefs, next time you and your husband feel the need to go around exploring unknown and potentially dangerous universes, do me a favor. Don't!" He then walked back to his plane and took off.

Vegeta's Fine now, he's just sleeping. Must be exhausted from all that fighting. Goku has recovered, thanks to some Sensu beans, and Superman asked me to tell Vegeta to visit him at some place he calls, the Fortress of Solitude.

Well, Vegeta should be posting on here when he's well rested and ready. I may post from time to time...but for now, I gotta help my dad with the blue prints for our new lab. It seems this Bruce Wayne guy donated some money to my dad and me for a new laboratory after he heard what happened. How nice of him! :)


Bulma Briefs

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Oh Vegeta...

Hello, Bulma here again. Well we flew in to the city today thanks to Bra and her vehicle.

"Oh Mom! What's happened to dad!? I saw him on the news on my way here. He looks like a monster! He was fighting Goku and Superman at the same time and he was whipping their butts!" Bra said.

"Yes I know, Bra, it's the Symbiote that's controlling him. We have to get to the city quickly to get help from your grandfather's colleagues on building some type of ultrasonic gun so we can get that thing off of him."

"What are we waiting for!? Let's go!" and with that, Bra, my dad, and I jumped into the vehicle and took off for the city.

When we arrived at Con Corp (the corporation of one of my dad's colleagues, Dr. Fujiamah), my dad explained to whole situation to Dr. Fujiamah. He then called the rest of my dad's colleagues, for an emergency meeting at Con Corp. Hours later, a group of about twenty-five scientists were gathered in the main lobby of the building. They then were escorted to Dr. Fujiamah's main laboratory, where they have been for the last couple of hours, planning and problem solving.

All the while, Bra and I have been glued to the TV set in the main lobby, along with the rest of the employees of Con Corp, watching to battle between Venogeta, Goku, and Superman.

The Symbiote had amplified Vegeta's power and speed tremendously. It also seemed to give him a kind of extrasensory perception, so to speak. It was Vegeta was almost predicting their attacks before they launched them. Not always though, Vegeta was hit by Superman's heat beam attack, which burned some of the symbiote off of Vegeta's chest. It quickly regenerated though, and Venogeta pumuled Superman into the ground with a series of attacks from his tentacles. Goku, while at Super Saiyan three, managed to fire off various energy attacks at Venogeta. Venogeta managed to bypass all of the attacks, with great swiftness and agility, and landing a strong body hook punch into Goku's rib cage, causing Goku to cough up a bit of blood.

Now, it seems like Vegeta's boss has arrived at the scene...wearing green!? Boy, he really is a freak!

Oh, wait! The Sceintests have just exited the lab. I'll post their findings here later from my laptop. They better have some good news!